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英语演讲比赛主持词 Someone may ask who is our rival in this competition The modern Los Angeles, the charming Sydney, or the historic Athens No, none of them. The real rival is ourselves. It is our bad habits of neglecting to protect environment in our daily life. Although the 2008 Olympics are still three years away, another special competition has already started in Nanchang. This time, the competitors are not the athletes from all over the world, but the people living in Nanchang. The special competition is not held in a stadium, but in every street and every corner of Nanchang. I suppose some of you may have already guessed what the special competition is. Yes, it is the competition of protecting our environment and creating a green Nanchang for the 2008 Olympic Games. Several years ago, I was very lucky to have an opportunity to live in the United States for about two years. I not only enjoyed the beautiful environment there, but also appreciated the American people"s active way of protecting their environment. Now, whenever the environment protection is mentioned, a beautiful view of California will arise in my mind: white clouds flying across the blue sky, green grassplot sprinkled with colorful flowers and small animals playing happily among the trees. The positive actions of American people and the effective measures the American government takes in environment protection fully won my respects and deeply affected my consciousness in environment protection. When I was back in China, people often asked me: " What do you think of America" I always bolt out:" Wonderful, especially the beautiful environment." Frankly speaking, after several years, the faces of my American teachers and friends have gradually faded away from my mind, but the blue sky, green grass and lovely animals in California often arise in my mind, and became my dream of visiting there again. I remember that at the beginning of my coming to America, I often went to my father"s working place, the United States Geological Survey, to have fun. Each time I found a lot of people riding bicycles to their offices. Among the cyclists, an old man with white hair attracted my attention. Curiously, I asked my father," Why does the old man ride his bike to work every day Doesn"t he have enough money to buy a car" Father laughed, "No, not because of money. Actually, he is one of the greatest scientists in the world. He can afford to buy a motorcade if he likes. He is just an environmentalist and usually doesn"t drive unless going shopping, or in bad weather. In America, there are a lot of environmentalists, who actively protect their environment. For example, in Palo Alto city we are living now, there is even a bicycle-to-work day on May 19th every year to encourage people to decrease air pollution caused by cars". Later, I also learnt another interesting fact of environment protection there. In some states of America, in order to decrease air pollution, save energy and reduce traffic jams, state governments encourage people to take buses to work or to share acar among several people. They even set special "diamond lanes" in some main streets, which are only for the vehicles with 2 or more people. From now on, if every student who is driven to school can take bus or ride bicycle to school once a week, if every car owner goes to work in a car pool once a week, we can make a difference. If everyone can actively protect the environment in our daily life, the blue sky, green grass and lovely animals in California will appear in Nanchang. Tiny streams can combine into a vast ocean, small trees can together be an immense forest. Nanchang is often described as a beautiful and aged picture. If every Nanchang citizen adds a trait of green on the picture, the whole Nanchang will become an ocean of green. Let us unite together to win the competition of environment protection in Nanchang, and present the world a big gold medal. That is "Green Nanchang, Great Olympics " The 2008 Olympics provide us with the opportunity to publicize and practise environment protection in Nanchang. Is it possible for Nanchang to Is it possible for Nanchang to become as beautiful as California The answer is "yes", but the dream needs every Nanchang citizen"s full support and active moves to accomplish. 有人可能会问我们在这种竞争对手是谁现代的洛杉矶,迷人的悉尼,还是历 史雅典不,没有一个人。真正的对手是自己。这是我们的坏习惯忽视保护环境在 我们的日常生活中。

虽然2008年奥运会仍然是三年,南昌的另一个特殊的竞争已经开始。这次 的对手不是运动员来自世界各地,但是人民生活在南昌。特殊的竞争不是在体育 场举行,但是在每条街道和南昌的每个角落。我想你们中的一些人可能已经猜到 了什么特殊的竞争。是的,这是保护我们的环境,创造一个绿色的竞争南昌2008年 奥运会。

几年前,我很幸运有机会住在美国两年了。我不仅喜欢那里的环境优美,但 也感谢美国人民积极的方式保护他们的环境。现在,每当提到环境保护时,加州美 丽的景色将会出现在我的脑海里:白云飞过蓝天,绿草地上散布着五颜六色的花和 小动物在树林里快乐地玩。

积极行动的美国人民和美国政府采取有效措施在环境保护完全赢得了我 的尊重和深深影响我在环境保护意识。我回到中国的时候,人们经常问我:“你觉得美国吗在精益生产工具,其中最 普遍引用相关文献的�“坦率地说,几年后,我的美国老师和朋友的面孔已经逐渐 从我脑海中消失了,但蓝天,绿草和可爱的动物在加州经常出现在我的脑海里,并 再次成为来访的有我的梦想。

我记得我初来美国,我经常去我父亲的工作地点,美国地质调查局,玩得开 心。每次我发现很多人骑自行车到他们的办公室。骑自行车的人,一个老人白发 吸引了我的注意。奇怪的是,我问父亲:“为什么老人每天骑他的自行车去上班吗他 没有足够的钱买一辆小汽车吗”父亲笑着说:“不,不是因为钱。实际上,他是世界上 最伟大的科学家之一。他能买得起一个车队如果他喜欢。他仅仅是一个环保主义 者,通常不会开车,除非去购物,或在恶劣的天气。在美国,有很多的环保人士,他们 积极地保护环境。例如,在帕洛阿尔托市我们现在生活,甚至有一天骑车上班每年5 月19日鼓励人们减少汽车造成空气污染”。

后来,我也学会了保护环境的另一个有趣的事实。在美国一些州,为了减少 空气污染,节约能源,减少交通堵塞,政府鼓励人们坐公交车上班或在几个人之间 共享一辆车。他们甚至设置特殊的“钻石车道”在一些主要街道,为车辆提供只有2 或更多的人。

从现在开始,如果每个学生都是驱动可以乘公共汽车或骑自行车来学校一 周一次,如果每个车主在汽车上班池一周一次,我们可以改变。如果每个人都能积 极地保护环境在我们的日常生活中,蓝天,绿草和可爱的动物在加利福尼亚将出现 在南昌。


南昌通常被描述为一个美丽的和年龄的画面。如果每个南昌市民增加了一个绿色 的特点,整个南昌将会是一片绿色的海洋。让我们团结在一起,在南昌赢得竞争的 环境保护,和现在世界上大的金牌。这是“绿色南昌,新奥运”2008年奥运会为我们提供机会宣传和实行环境保护在南昌。南昌有可能成 为和加州一样美丽吗答案是“是的”,但是这个梦想需要每个南昌市民的全力支持 和积极行动来完成。

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